"Many thanks for your excellent program on the Art of Storytelling-it was inspiring. You have been a Noh actor in another life, and probably a wandering troubador as well..."

- Jane Edwards, DeWitt Historical Society of Tompkins County

"Thank you for performing at Ithaca College and for guest lecturing and performing in my children's literature class. The stories my students wrote after your presentation had much more passion than the ones they wrote before."

- Katharyn Howd Machan, Professor of Writing at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

"Thank you for bringing your wonderful talents to Hospicare. The children had a great time, and the music and storytelling brightened the day for patients and staff alike. I hope we can lure you back for an encore performance!"

- Nina Miller, Executive Director, Hospicare of Ithaca, NY

Storytelling is a crucial element in the social life of all cultures, from television and movies to hearthstones and campfires. Education, religion, and entertainment rely on the skills of storytellers. Storytelling is a way of experiencing lives and truths that we can only imagine.

I am a storyteller and educator, using tales from around the world to expand audiences' understanding of nature, culture, and emotion. I've worked in churches and schools, with people of all ages. I incorporate both thoughtfulness and humor, encouraging participants to join the characters of the stories on their journeys through joy, terror, tears, and laughter. From nature centers to drama classes, grade school to graduate school, my storytelling has been part of educational curricula in New York and Illinois and religious education across the United States. My work with at-risk teenagers in the Southern Tier of New York has been praised by educators. While I enjoy telling stories for entertainment, I particularly enjoy telling stories to support people's growth and learning.

My programs range in length and topic depending on the performance and audience. Many programs include both storytelling and music. Samhain: an Irish Hallowe'en is a popular program year after year, incorporating folklore, history, storytelling, and music to entertain and educate audiences about the origins of Hallowe'en. Other programs include A Light in the Darkness: Stories and Songs of Hope, The Crane Wife and Other Stories, and Around the World in Eight Tales.

Choosing stories and songs carefully is an important part of building a custom program; many stories are part of sacred traditions and should be considered unavailable to outsiders without permission. Sharing cultural traditions and appreciating other peoples are important, but respecting their values and boundaries is equally important. Please take the time to work with any storyteller to find tales that are appropriate for the audience and for the telling.

I am available for storytelling performances and workshops. Performance programs and fees are arranged on a case-by-case basis.