Apr 02 2009

About Studio Samildanach

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Welcome to Studio Samildanach!

While some artists have physical studios that they open to the public now and then, I’m not so fortunate yet. Instead, I’ve got a home with my workspaces spread out everywhere, a whole bunch of different things happening all at once, and a tendency to be a bit of a hermit.

See? A virtual studio seems the way to go.

The word Samildanach comes from Irish mythology: it is one of the epithets given to Lugh and means (more or less) “many-skilled,” referring to his mastery of the arts and crafts of mythological ancient Ireland.

While I’m not a master of all the arts and crafts of here and now, much less ancient Ireland, I do practice a variety of skills – weaving, knitting, cooking, gardening, writing, storytelling, harping, and the occasional bit of home repair, among other things. I expect that this blog will be largely about my fiber arts, but the others will crop up regularly.

Eventually, my projects will end up on the Finished Objects page as they’re completed. And, now and then, I’ll have some completed projects that need new homes, so if/when that happens, I’ll label them “for sale.” I don’t expect that to happen too often, though. I tend to make things for specific people…and often just for me!

For more information about my creative pursuits and ways they can come to you, please visit Oak & Thorn. Whether here or there, I hope you enjoy your look around and perhaps find some inspiration for your own creativity!


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