May 27 2009


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Oh, dear. I’ve been away a while — not for lack of doing postable things, mind you. In fact, it’s an overabundance of postable things that has had me so tired at the end of the day that the thought of writing anything at all sent me directly to sleep.

Here is the beginning of the springtime garden frenzy:


Terribly exciting, no? No.

This is the beginning of my back garden entryway. Last  year, my backyard was open to the world with a privacy fence just along one side of things. It hadn’t been replaced since long before we moved into the house, and in one evening’s windstorm and microburst, the top of the neighbors’ pine tree was sheared off the trunk and dropped onto the fence.


Doesn’t really look so bad there…how about this one?


So, after that, I had the backyard enclosed with a new fence…and then did nothing else with it, really, until this spring.


So, the First Task of getting the backyard done was a flagstone threshhold beneath the arbor gate. The series below is the efforts of part of an afternoon in step-by-step order.

The last two pictures are Yin and Yang, the Concord grapes I planted to grow up the arbor. Yin seems to have a laid-back sort of attitude, in no great hurry and growing steadily along. Yang is full of energy and growing like mad, jumping onto the arbor as quickly as possible and tendrils grasping. Yet, somehow, Yang isn’t all that far ahead…

These last pictures are teasers for more garden updates:

The sweetest violets grow in my backyard...

The sweetest violets grow in my backyard...

and in the front...

and in the front...

candy-scented irises!

candy-scented irises!

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