May 04 2009

Spin to Weave

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So, I keep beginning posts and then setting them aside because I’ve not quite finished the project…or have something else I want to write about…or (best of all!) Have Finished Something Else. In very good news for me, this post is delaying two others for the latter reason. Hot damn and holy hallelujah!

This is my first weaving completely woven from handspun yarn. I’ve used handspun (both my own and lunarawe‘s) as weft before, but not as warp. I figured it would likely work out well, but I was just waiting for the right moment.

Many months ago, lunarawe was at my house for a while and dying to spin something. I handed her some green merino and some very soft shell pink merino that I’d picked up from Toni at The Fold. (You do know about The Fold, right? Please say you do…if not, go visit! It’s a wonderful shop in Marengo, IL, with sheep on the premises and a very helpful Toni at the counter.) For some reason, I’d found myself wanting to use these two colors together; so I asked the spinning addict if she’d make me a 2-ply, with one strand of green and one of pink. After the inevitable allergic reaction to the pink, this is what she’d spun:

226 yards of handspun merino by lunarawe

226 yards of handspun merino by lunarawe

So, then it sat in my stash. Waiting. And sitting. And waiting. Until I got bit by a radioactive spider…or stabbed by a crack-laced spindle, and started to spin like a madman fairly regularly. The remainder of the pink and the green reappeared, and I spun them into single-color 2-ply yarns. Oh, did I spin them…and here’s the photo montage, starting with my green handspun merino. (As the Yarn Harlot says, click to embiggen!)

And the pink handspun merino:

And here are pictures of the yarns together:

And now for the weaving…

The wrap before wet finishing:

And after wet finishing:

I was hoping to end up with a tweedy sort of fabric, and got just what I wanted — the weft helps bring out the contrasting flecks of color from the pink/green 2-ply. I love it when experiments turn out well!

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  1. LunarAweon 05 May 2009 at 11:52 pm

    That is just SO lovely! I am going to have to spin for you more often! Kidding actually… your spinning is getting so good that someone better teach me how to weave soon! ~smile~

    I love you,

  2. Susanon 06 May 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Very nice effect!

    In fact, I have just toured your ‘elegant’ web page and blog and enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you for your kind comments at my blog regarding my friend’s tapestry. She will be thrilled to read them.


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