Dec 18 2010

Little Lamsied Ivy

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Let’s see — I’ve been wearing this for two winters now, so it’s embarrassingly behind the times to post it. That said, it’s the first garment I’ve knitted purely of my own handspun, so it really needs to make an appearance. First, we’ll begin with the fiber. This is Corriedale dyed in osage orange and indigo and prepared by Stefania Isaacson of Handspun by Stefania. Although she doesn’t name her colors, I couldn’t help myself and labelled the photos of this fiber “Summerlawn.” One look at the fiber against my grass and you’ll understand why!

just a little bit of the prepared fiber

First, I enjoyed the wool all by itself. Then, there were spun singles and fiber….

Then a 3-ply, spun singles, and fiber…

Spun singles, 3-ply, and fiber

Then the 3-ply on the niddy-noddy, 3-ply on the bobbin, spun singles, and fiber…

Fiber at all stages of preparation before knitting.

And let’s not forget the final product: the scarf itself! Sadly the color isn’t quite true in this picture, but the lace pattern (Ivy Leaf from Barbara Walker) shows up quite well.

Ivy Scarf from handspun Corriedale

Oh, and the gloves I made to go with it! (My own design, made of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca…I didn’t have enough of the Summerlawn to manage a pair of gloves as well!)

Gloves to go with the scarf

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  1. LunarAweon 31 Dec 2010 at 3:26 am

    Oooh I never saw the gloves! What a stunning set! Congrats :)

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