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Sep 14 2009

Felt the Pain Away

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I have avoided felting. It seems an unkind and unnatural thing to do to yarn than one has loved, fondled, and turned into something wonderful. I am a spinner, after all, and it just seems odd to take perfectly good yarn — yarn that has been organized into sensible plies — and then force it to become all disorganized and fuzzy again. All that hard work, vanished in such a short time!

That said, I wanted slippers for my loom room, a.k.a. my basement with concrete floors.


Even walking to the loom was uncomfortable…and so I decided to do it. I decided to Felt the Pain Away (with apologies to Peaches). I took the woolen odds and ends of various projects and proceeded to knit remnant slippers. The ugliest things I could imagine. See?

slipper pre-felting 1

slipper pre-felting 2

And, once again, I knew the only solution was to felt the pain away, but this time, the pain in my eyes. Ye gods! It’s like evil pixelated confetti in shoe form…and yet, like certain bulldogs and babies, strangely cute. After a serious session with two zippered pillowcases, an old towel, and a hot washing machine, they were done. I wore them, standing on towels to absorb the water, once they were cool enough to manage. It did take them much longer to dry than I would have guessed — about 2 days to be fully dry — but they are wonderful!

felted slippers 1

felted slippers on

More examples of these ubiquitous slippers can be found here on Ravelry and the pattern found here on the web.

Who knew felting could be so wrong and yet feel so good…?

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Sep 09 2009

Passing On…

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I’m pretty pleased with this stuff! It’s a 2-ply merino in a medium blue with some purple and pale gold heathered throughout. I picked it up at The Fold some time ago, while Toni (the proprietor & wise woman of fiber) was hosting a fiber-related estate sale for an area spinner who had died.

I should note, too, that my loom here at home was also passed on to me from someone who was in the process of passing on — hi Phyllis, wherever you are! — and I can’t think of a better way for one’s materials to be given another life than to be given/sold to another artist/crafter. In fact, my niddy-noddy also came from the estate sale at the Fold…and was part of spinning this yarn.

Wet-set on the left, freshly plied on the right!

Wet-set on the left, freshly plied on the right!

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Sep 01 2009

Owe You A Post

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Dear Blog,

I have been neglectful and poorly behaved. My life has been very strange for a couple of months now, and although it’s in the process of sorting itself out, posting has been low on my list of priorities. In the near future, I plan to correct this with an inundation of posting — you wouldn’t believe how my tomato plants have become jungle vines, and I’ve knitting and spinning to share.

Once the crazy subsides, I’ll have more for you. Really. I will!


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