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Apr 02 2009

Johnny blog lately…

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I can’t believe I’m doing this — it seems a little silly to start one more artsy/crafty/fibery blog. There are plenty out there, after all!

…but I’ve got a few people who keep asking for pictures of what I’m working on (you know who you are, lunarawe!), and so this seems the best way to keep people up to date. Besides, my partner tends to get a blank look on his face and feigns boredom to the point of pretending to drool when I get enthusiastic about my work. I have to have some place to share my fun!

As for the other blogs I read or artists’ websites I visit regularly, I’ve listed them on the left side panel.

The picture above is my own weaving: linen upholstery fabric in an 8-shaft complex twill, the dark french blue is weft I dyed myself. Some day, it will become the cushion on a piano bench and the seats and backs of two more chairs in our music room/library here at home. Once that happens, I’ll post pictures, I promise! Eventually that and all the other stuff will end up on the Finished Objects page as they’re completed. And, now and then, I”ll have some completed projects that need new homes, so if/when that happens, I’ll label them “for sale.” I don’t expect that to happen too often, though. I tend to make things for specific people…and often just for me!

As for the pictures, here’s what I’m currently working on:

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